With the launch of our new website we’ve noticed a lot of new people who are not familiar with our products buying from the website. That is awesome and we love seeing all of the new customers who didn’t know about Ketch before.

We just wanted to take his opportunity to educate everyone about the difference in the size of the 26″ and 32″ boards because we’ve had some returns lately when people actually get their 32″ board in and realize just how big that is.

We sell a lot of 32″ boards to happy customers, some fishing for larger species of fish but also many bass anglers still prefer that bigger board “just in case”.

So just a reminder to have everyone consider how you’ll be using the board and where you’ll store it before choosing a larger board to be sure that’s what you actually need.

Thank you to all of our customers new and returning, welcome to the Ketch family,


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