Our Story

Founded in 2016, Ketch Products Inc. is a premium outdoor product solutions company that specializes in fishing products, and is widely known for our popular line of measurement devices that have become the gold standard in the industry. We are committed to America first manufacturing, and every product we sell emblazoned with our slogan “Uncompromisingly American Made” is made with 100% US made parts and labor… no exceptions.

The 3 founding partners share a long history in the automation business and a passion for fishing. They also always wanted to design and engineer their own products, and the growing niche of kayak fishing, in it’s infancy, was the perfect backdrop for that. The burgeoning market needed solutions, and 3 engineers needed some problems to solve. While Ketch has become synonymous with our highly accurate bump boards that are both trusted by the top tournament anglers across the globe, and the fisheries management experts that keep our waters healthy; we are also a manufacturer of premium kayak accessories solutions that are transforming the landscape of kayak fishing and moving us into a new “motorized” generation of small craft angling.

Chinese imports have gutted the American manufacturing industry, but in the words of Bob Weskamp, one of our founding partners, “Shave it and tape it. Dust yourself off, and hit ‘em again.” American innovation lives within these walls, and it’s made possible by the greatest customers in the world… you. You allow us to fight the good fight against a world of cheap, imported, throw away goods. God bless you, and God bless America!


Duke Weskamp