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You only have one chance to measure the fish of 10,000 casts, so make it count.

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Introducing the “No Bunk” board. The gold standard in catch, photo, and release.

Ketch Products is proud to introduce the new high water mark in fish measurement for catch, photo, and release (CPR) tournaments. Our industry leading accuracy combined with an industry first, patent pending fraud protection system ensure a level playing field for tournament anglers and make cheating a thing of the past.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Bump Board

  • Accuracy

    Our industry leading accuracy and state of the art quality control inspection ensure that every “No Bunk” board that leaves our factory is accurate within +/- .005” over the length of the board.

  • Beat the Cheats

    Our patent pending QR tag makes tournament check in a breeze and prevents anglers from using modified or imposter measurement devices.

  • Durability & Quality

    Our high contrast color coating makes reading measurements a snap. It looks like a million bucks and it’s tough as nails.

  • Conservation

    Catch, Photo, and Release tournaments formats have been proven to have significantly better mortality rates that their live weigh in counterparts ensuring healthy fisheries for generations to come.

From Crappie to Musky… We’ve got you covered

Ketch Products offers our measurement devices in 16, 24, 32, and 60 inches. All models are available in our 4 standard colors: midnight black, royal blue, hunter green, and cherry red. Interested in custom sizes or engraving options for your club or tournament trail? We do that too.

Contact us to get information about our custom options.


The Ketch Bump Board is superior in just about every measurable way compared to its competition. I don’t see any obstacles for this product to become the standard measuring device for all fishing tournaments across various species and water

Just bought one of your 60" boards at the Muskie show. Sent pix to a buddy up north, I'll be ordering another one for him next week. Awesome product!

This product will revolutionize the CPR tournament format. Ketch’s improved bump board design brings an increased level of competitive integrity to CPR tournament trails and I would gladly pay twice their retail price for such a quality piece of American craftsmanship.