Maximizing Your Hobie Kayak: Essential Accessories and Customization Options for Serious Anglers

Maximizing Your Hobie® Kayak: Essential Accessories and Customization Options for Serious Anglers


Hobie® kayaks have become a staple in the world of kayak fishing, revolutionizing the sport with their innovative pedal-driven propulsion system known as the MirageDrive. Introduced in 1997, this unique feature allows anglers to navigate hands-free, using leg power to move through the water while keeping their hands free for fishing. Hobie’s range of kayaks, from the compact Mirage Passport series to the more advanced Pro Angler models, cater to various skill levels and fishing styles, offering stability, comfort, and customization options that have made them increasingly popular among fishing enthusiasts.

The appeal of Hobie kayaks lies not only in their pedal-drive system but also in their thoughtful design features tailored for anglers. Many models come equipped with built-in rod holders, tackle storage compartments, and even live wells for bait. The ability to add accessories like fish finders, electric motors, and power poles further enhances their versatility. Moreover, Hobie’s commitment to durability and performance in various water conditions has earned them a loyal following among serious anglers who appreciate the blend of mobility, stealth, and functionality that these kayaks offer. 

Ketch Products building a custom Hobie® PA 14 for a client adding custom accessories.

Having the right accessories can significantly enhance the kayak fishing experience, transforming a basic kayak into a highly efficient and personalized one that meets your specific needs. Essential accessories like rod holders, tackle storage systems, and fish finders allow anglers to organize their gear effectively and locate fish more easily. Propulsion systems like bow or stern mount electric motors can also make your time on the water much more enjoyable and even improve your ability to cover water and find more fish. These additions not only increase convenience but also improve the chances of a successful catch, making the most of limited space on a kayak.

Safety accessories are equally crucial for kayak fishing. Items such as personal flotation devices (PFDs), safety whistles, and visibility flags are indispensable for ensuring angler safety, especially in challenging weather conditions or high-traffic water areas. Additionally, anchoring systems and drift chutes help maintain position in windy conditions or strong currents, allowing for more precise fishing in prime spots.

Comfort-enhancing accessories can make extended fishing trips much more pleasant. Upgraded seating systems with extra padding and lumbar support can significantly reduce fatigue during long hours on the water. Sun protection accessories like umbrellas or canopies shield anglers from harsh UV rays, while coolers or insulated compartments keep refreshments and catch fresh. By carefully selecting and equipping their kayaks with the right accessories, anglers can create a customized fishing platform that caters to their specific needs and preferences, ultimately leading to more productive and enjoyable time on the water.

Rod Holders

Rod holders are essential accessories for any serious kayak angler, and Hobie kayaks offer a variety of options to suit different fishing styles and preferences. 

There are various types of rod holders available for kayaks on the market, catering to different needs and preferences of anglers. Some popular brands include Railblaza, RAM, Scotty, and Hobie, each offering unique features and mounting options. Rod holders can be categorized based on their mounting style, such as flush mount, track mount, and rail-compatible options. Flush mount rod holders are typically built into the kayak’s deck, while track mount systems allow for adjustable positioning along a track installed on the kayak. Rail-compatible rod holders, like the Hobie H-Rail Rod Holder, are designed to attach directly to the kayak’s rail system for easy installation and removal. Some rod holders, like the Hobie Adjustable Rod Holder, offer angle adjustment capabilities for versatile fishing setups

Rod holders attached to storage crates in kayaks offer a versatile and space-efficient solution for anglers. These crate-mounted rod holders typically come in vertical or angled configurations and can be easily attached to milk crates or specialized fishing crates designed for kayak use. This setup allows anglers to maximize their storage capacity while keeping multiple rods within easy reach, making it an excellent option for those who prefer to have a variety of rods rigged and ready for different fishing scenarios. Some popular crate-mounted rod holder options include the Plano Kayak Crate Soft Crate with Rod Holders and the YakAttack BlackPak with integrated rod holders, both of which provide secure storage for gear and convenient rod placement.

The benefits of using rod holders for hands-free fishing are numerous. They allow anglers to multitask, freeing up their hands for paddling, handling fish, or managing other equipment. Rod holders also help prevent accidental rod loss, which can be a costly mistake when fishing from a kayak. Additionally, they can be used to position rods for trolling or to keep baits in the strike zone while the angler focuses on other tasks.

Ketch Products offers innovative mounting solutions for rod holders and other accessories on Hobie kayaks. Their H-rail mounting plate is designed to work seamlessly with Hobie’s H-Rail system, providing a stable platform for attaching various accessories with a Scotty base, including rod holders and downriggers. This mounting plate allows for easy customization and a rock solid mounting point for heavier items.

Another mounting option from Ketch Products is the X-Aktrak HD track system. This heavy-duty track can be attached to the H-Rail using Ketch H-Rail adapters, creating an extended mounting surface for rod holders and other gear. The X-Aktrak HD system is particularly useful for anglers who need to mount multiple accessories or want the flexibility to reposition their rod holders and other accessories quickly.

By utilizing these mounting options from Ketch Products, Hobie kayak anglers can create a customized fishing setup that maximizes efficiency and comfort on the water. The combination of the H-Rail adapters and X-Aktrak HD track system allows for a wide range of rod holder positions and configurations, ensuring that anglers can adapt their setup to different fishing situations and personal preferences.

Fish Measuring Boards

Fish measuring boards are essential tools for anglers, especially those practicing catch-and-release or participating in fishing tournaments. These boards provide an accurate way to measure the length of fish quickly and efficiently, allowing anglers to record their catches and comply with size regulations. Measuring boards are often made of durable plastic or aluminum, featuring ruled markings and a raised end to butt the fish’s nose against for consistent measurements. has revolutionized the fish measuring board market with their innovative designs. Their flagship product, the Ketch X Board, is made from high-quality aluminum and features the most accurate fish measuring boards you can buy which  ensures accurate measurements every time which is crucial for fishing kayak tournaments. The Ketch X in the 26” model is the industry standard for kayak tournaments, though some prefer the Ketch X 32” model when fishing where true giant bass live like Florida and Texas. Both are legal in almost every kayak tournament and the choice is up to you. If you think you’ll catch a fish over 26” and you have the storage room you can always go with the longer board, but in all honesty for bass fishing the 26” is almost always enough board.

The Ketch Board comes in various types and sizes to accommodate different fish species and fishing styles, from the compact 16″ model to the huge 64” Big Game folding board. The models include the Original Ketch Board which was aluminum with a separate cradle to help hold larger fish on the board, these are discontinued but still available at the time of this writing. The Ketch Karbonate, our lighter weight polycarbonate offering, available in 16”, 26” and 32” versions. And the newest Ketch board the Ketch X, which is also aluminum but has a built in cradle and comes in four standard anodized colors as well as occasional limited edition colors as well.

The 16” models are designed for Crappie and Panfish and are available in the Original Ketch Board (aluminum) and the Ketch Karbonate (polycarbonate). For Bass you have the choices of 26” or 32” and the models are the Original Ketch Board, Ketch X, and Ketch Karbonate. For Walleye an Original or Ketch X in 32” is suggested. The largest boards in the line up are the Ketch Folding 48” and Ketch Big Game Folding 64″ folding versions for larger gamefish such as Musky and Striper. All Ketch Products measuring devices are made in the USA and are known for their accuracy, durability and precision manufacturing. Almost every kayak tournament organization allows some or all of the Ketch line of fish measuring boards. This is testament to their reliability and accuracy. These high-quality measuring boards have become popular among serious anglers who demand the best tools for their fishing adventures.

Fish Finders/Graphs and Mounts

Fish finders have become an essential tool for many kayak anglers, significantly enhancing their ability to locate fish and understand underwater structures. These devices use sonar technology to create a visual representation of what lies beneath the water’s surface, allowing anglers to identify fish, determine water depth, and map out the underwater terrain. By providing real-time information about fish location and movement, fish finders can greatly increase an angler’s chances of success, especially in unfamiliar waters or when targeting specific species.

Hobie kayaks are designed to accommodate various types of fish finder mounts, making it easy for anglers to integrate this technology into their setup. Some common mount types compatible with Hobie kayaks include through-hull transducer mounts, which provide a clean installation and excellent performance; side-scan transducer mounts for detailed imaging of the water column; and portable mounts that allow for easy removal and transfer between kayaks. Hobie also offers specific mounting solutions like the Lowrance Ready System, which provides pre-installed through-hull wiring and mounting plates for certain fish finder models. offers several innovative mounting solutions for fish finders on Hobie kayaks. One of their standout products is the X-Aktrak HD Krossbar system, which provides a versatile platform for mounting fish finders and other electronics. This system can be easily attached to the H-Rail of Hobie kayaks using Ketch H-Rail adapters, offering a stable and adjustable mounting surface. The Ketch Krossbar’s T-track design allows for easy positioning and secure attachment of fish finder mounts, ensuring that anglers can place their devices in the optimal viewing position.

Another recommended option from is their Jake Plates, which are compatible with various Hobie kayak models. These plates feature an integrated aluminum T-Track system that can be used to mount fish finders, as well as other accessories. The Jake Plates provide a clean, low-profile solution for securing electronics to your kayak, and their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in marine environments. By combining these mounting solutions with Hobie’s pre-existing features, anglers can create a customized and efficient fish finder setup that enhances their overall fishing experience on the water.

Forward-facing sonar technology for kayaks has seen a significant surge in popularity among anglers in recent years, offering real-time views of fish, cover and structure. This advanced technology, exemplified by products like the Lowrance Active Target 2, and Garmin Livescope allows kayak anglers to target specific fish, and to identify productive areas more effectively, revolutionizing the way they approach fishing from a kayak.

Seating and cushions.

Comfortable seating is crucial for long fishing trips in a kayak, as it directly impacts an angler’s endurance, focus, and overall enjoyment on the water. Hobie recognizes this importance and offers various seating options and upgrades to enhance the kayaking experience. The flagship Vantage seating system, available in ST and XT models, provides industry-leading adjustability and comfort, featuring lumbar support and a kickstand for extra height.

For those looking to upgrade their existing seats, Hobie offers cushion options like the Kayak Kushion, which are designed to be quickly and securely strapped to Hobie Sit-On-Top Kayak seats. These cushions are made with high-density foam that molds to the body shape, providing custom support and improving posture for more efficient paddling. Additionally, aftermarket options such as padded seat cushions and backrests are available from various manufacturers, allowing anglers to customize their seating setup based on personal preferences and specific kayak models.

Storage Solutions

Effective storage solutions are crucial for kayak anglers to keep their gear organized, accessible, and protected. One popular option is the use of fishing crates, such as the Hobie H-Crate, which provides versatile storage for larger items and can be easily removed for transport or cleaning. These crates often come with rod holders and can be customized with additional accessories. For smaller items, many anglers use tackle boxes designed specifically for kayak use, like Plano’s Weekender Series, which fit neatly into kayak storage compartments. Additionally, waterproof hatches, both built-in and aftermarket options like Hobie’s Twist and Seal kits, offer dry storage for sensitive equipment. 

Gear bags and soft coolers are also essential for kayak fishing storage. Hobie offers a range of fish bags and soft coolers in various sizes, constructed with high-quality materials to keep catches fresh or store food and drinks. These bags are designed to fit well in kayak tank wells or hatches. For easy access to frequently used items, many anglers opt for deck bags or gear buckets like the Hobie Gear Bucket Bag, which can be secured to the kayak and provide quick access to tools, lures, and other essentials.

Specialty Accessories for Advanced Anglers

Advanced kayak anglers often seek specialized accessories to enhance their fishing setup and gain a competitive edge on the water. One popular category is advanced electronics integration, which includes high-end fish finders with forward-facing sonar technology, like the Lowrance ActiveTarget or Garmin Livescope systems. These cutting-edge devices allow anglers to see real-time movements of fish and structure ahead of their kayak, revolutionizing the way they locate and target fish. To accommodate these sophisticated electronics, many experienced anglers invest in custom mounting solutions and power management systems, ensuring their devices are securely installed and have a reliable power source throughout long fishing sessions.

Another area where advanced anglers focus is on customizing their kayak’s propulsion and control systems. For Hobie kayak users, this might include upgrading to the Mirage 360 Drive with Kick-Up Fins for improved maneuverability and obstacle avoidance. Some anglers also opt for aftermarket rudder systems or steering controls to enhance their kayak’s handling in various conditions. Additionally, advanced anglers often invest in specialized anchor systems, such as the Power-Pole Micro Anchor or shallow water anchors, which allow for precise positioning and hands-free fishing in windy conditions or strong currents. These advanced accessories, combined with high-quality rod holders, specialized tackle management systems, and ergonomic seating upgrades, allow experienced kayak anglers to create a highly efficient and personalized fishing platform tailored to their specific techniques and target species.


Among notable products to gain recent popularity are the Ketch Jake Plates, which are compatible with Hobie Pro Angler 12 & 14 models from 2016 onwards. These plates are direct bolt-on replacements for the plastic versions that come on the Hobie Pro Angler 12 and 14 kayaks. This gives you a much more solid mounting surface, and they also come in some great anodized aluminum colors to really customize the look of your kayak as well. Jake Plates feature an integrated aluminum T-Track system and holes for storing pliers and attaching other gear, allowing for easy customization and mounting of additional accessories.  

Another essential accessory for the most advanced anglers is the X-Aktrak HD Krossbar system, available in different sizes to fit various Hobie kayak models. These Krossbars provide a stable platform for mounting large or dual fish finders making them ideal for anglers who rely on technology to improve their fishing success. They have an adapter kit for the Hobie Pro Angler 12 and 14 to attach right to the Ketch Jake Plates for the most solid mounting option you’ll find for mounting dual graphs on your Hobie. The X-Aktrak HD Krossbar for the PA 12 is the 22 inch model, and for the PA 14 it’s the 26 inch Krossbar. Ketch recommends using Jake Plates for a no hassle and no drilling solution. also offers bundled packages that combine multiple accessories for a complete kayak upgrade. The PA Accessories Kit, for example, includes steering handles, steering knob, and Jake Plates, allowing anglers to customize their Hobie Pro Angler’s steering system and mounting options. For those looking to maximize their kayak’s functionality, the PA12 and PA14 Krossbar Kombo Bundles provide a comprehensive solution, including the X-Aktrak HD Krossbar, Krossbar Adapter Kit, and Jake Plates. These bundles offer a cost-effective way to outfit a Hobie kayak with high-quality, American-made accessories that enhance both the kayak’s appearance and functionality for serious anglers.

Customization and Upgrades

Hobie kayak owners have a wide range of options for customizing and upgrading their vessels to enhance performance, comfort, and functionality. Popular upgrades include adding or replacing rod holders, installing fish finders and their mounts, upgrading seating systems, and adding storage solutions like gear tracks and tackle management systems. Many anglers also opt for propulsion upgrades, such as the Hobie Mirage Drive GT with Kick-Up Fins, which offers improved speed and maneuverability. Additionally, customizing kayaks with accessories like anchor systems, livewells, and specialized electronics can significantly enhance the fishing experience. offers several innovative customization options specifically designed for Hobie kayaks. Their X-Aktrak HD Krossbar system provides a versatile platform for mounting various accessories, including fish finders, rod holders, and camera mounts. The Ketch Jake Plates, available for different Hobie models, feature an integrated aluminum T-Track system that allows for highly customizable accessory configurations. These products enable anglers to create a personalized setup tailored to their specific needs and preferences. Ketch Products also offers specialized items like steering handles and knobs, which can improve the kayak’s handling and control. By combining Hobie’s built-in features with aftermarket accessories from companies like Ketch Products, anglers can transform their kayaks into highly specialized fishing platforms.


In conclusion, the world of Hobie kayak fishing accessories offers a vast array of options for anglers looking to enhance their on-water experience. From essential items like rod holders and fish finders to advanced electronics and specialized mounting solutions, there’s no shortage of ways to customize your Hobie kayak to suit your specific fishing needs.

Companies like have revolutionized the kayak fishing accessory market with innovative products such as the X-Aktrak HD Krossbar system, Jake Plates, and high-quality measuring boards. These accessories, combined with Hobie’s built-in features and other aftermarket options, allow anglers to create highly personalized and efficient fishing platforms.

Whether you’re a casual weekend angler or a serious tournament competitor, investing in the right accessories can significantly improve your comfort, efficiency, and success on the water. As kayak fishing technology continues to evolve, Hobie kayak owners can look forward to even more exciting innovations that will further enhance their fishing adventures. By carefully selecting and integrating these accessories, you can transform your Hobie kayak into the ultimate fishing machine, tailored perfectly to your style and preferences.


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