Make it personal, get your Ketch board with custom engraving.


How do you improve the world’s most accurate fish measuring boards? By letting you the customer customize your board of course. 

You can make your Ketch board your own with your name, a quote, or even logos. 

One of the many improvements with the new updated Ketch website is that it’s now easier than ever to order custom engraved Ketch Boards and here’s how you can get yours.


How Ketch Custom Board Engraving works


You can select the placement of your custom engraving from these options.

Inside the bump, Text and/or Logo

Outside the bump, Text and/or Logo

Top edge of fence, Text only in this location


There are now sample images showing where the placement of text and logos on boards would be.

Here are the placement positions for custom engraving.


Choose your custom engraving areas from the product page, and then add the text and/or select from the dropdown for available logos. The prices for engraving are shown on each of the options.

You’ll find these options and images on the product page of every board that has the option to have custom engraving.

It will look like this on the product page… (pricing shown was current as of 1-2-2024 but subject to change)

You can get multiple different custom engravings on a single board.


Which boards can I have engraved?

Limited edition boards like the “America” board for example that already have engraving are not eligible for further custom engraving. 

A  limited edition solid color like Purple will have the option to custom engrave.

Ketch Karbonate boards are not available for custom engraving on an individual level, though a dealer can order them custom engraved if ordering 250 or more. Just contact for more information.

Ketch X boards are the most popular options to have custom engraved in the 26” and 32” sizes.

Ketch Original Boards are also available for custom engraving in the 26” and 32” sizes, while they last. This style of board is now discontinued and going away fast.

Folding boards such as the 48” and 64” are not available for engraving.

Click here to see the Engravable boards category.


Can I send in my used board for engraving?


Sorry but no, only new board purchases are eligible for engraving, we do not engrave used boards.


What are the options for custom engraving?

Text Engraving:

Text engraving is simple but can make a big impact. Be sure to enter the text on the website exactly as you want it to appear. Also make sure to double check the placement by looking at the sample images before you enter your text to make sure it will be engraved in the right spot.


If you made the mistake we cannot replace your board. If it was our mistake we will gladly replace a board that has the wrong engraving.


Club Logos / Other Artwork:

Logos are an option for custom engraving, we have a huge list of logos that are already available in the options. If you have a logo you would like to have custom engraved you can submit that to and we will assess the logo and go from there.


If you have a logo you would like added to the options list please email us (keep reading below for notes about what we can accept etc.)


Here are some examples of custom engraved boards


Here are some things to remember about artwork for custom logo engraving.

  1. We cannot engrave a logo of a company/trail that hasn’t given us expressed written permission to do so. After we have permission anyone can get that logo engraved right from our website.
  2. We cannot engrave any copyrighted logos such as those for sports teams or popular characters etc.
  3. If you don’t own the logo you’ll have to have the owner contact us to give permission.
  4. If possible send your logo in vector format (.AI or .EPS for example)
  5. Logos in a single color or black and white JPG file are also good but please make sure they are high resolution.
  6. If artwork for a logo requires additional time to edit for engraving there will be a one time $30 fee, so please send us the best version you have.


In conclusion, custom engraving options for Ketch Boards offer a unique way to personalize your board and make your adventures even more memorable. With a variety of text and logo options, you can create a board that truly reflects your personality and style. So go ahead and unleash your creativity with a custom engraved Ketch Board – the perfect companion for your next fishing trip.


Ready to order your own custom engraved board just Click here to start the process…  the Engravable boards category.

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