Northern Minnesota Kayak Fishing Adventure, a Ketch Outdoors production.

Amazing Kayak fishing adventure in Northern Minnesota – Every Anglers Dream trip. Northern Minnesota can give every angler fish of a lifetime. Put a beautiful Northern Minnesota scenery to go with it and you certainly have every angler’s dream. Marco from Ketch gives us the rundown on why this trip has been so special for him. With work being so busy, sometimes this is what every outdoor enthusiast needs. Upper Minnesota provides every angler an opportunity to fish how they want and fish effectively. With a Plethora of Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Panfish, and the sought-out Muskie, you can really fish in a kayak, boat, or even from shore! Aside from the fishing, if you like the outdoors feeling you can find yourself camping or staying in a rustic cabin to get away from technology. Northern Minnesota is without a doubt every angler’s Dream, check this out and next time you’re looking to go on a road trip…consider this place!

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