[Blemished] 16"
[Blemished] 16" [Blemished] 16" [Blemished] 16" [Blemished] 16" [Blemished] 16"
A blemished board will contain one or more of the following: scratches on the powder coat, small powder coat chips, a slightly rough edge on the very end of the board, or debris that contaminated the powder coat. All blemished boards are held to the same tolerances and standards as a full-priced Ketch board. Blemishes do not affect the function of the product and all blemished boards will be legal to use in tournaments that allow our products.
  • Our crappie board measures ¼” x 3” x 16”
  • CNC milled 6061 billet Aluminum construction
  • Dowel pinned to ensure our industry best perpendicularity and accuracy
  • Patent pending QR integration to prevent cheating
  • High color contrast custom coating that’s easy to read and extremely durable. 
  • Works with the Ketch Kradle board accessory

Product sold as shown. Ketch Kradle accessory not included. Orange shown as color sample only. Actual product does not have the wide fence.