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Ketch Products is a premium outdoor products manufacturer that specializes in fishing products and accessories. True to our slogan “Uncompromisingly American Made,” all ketch products are made with 100% American parts and labor... no exceptions. We strive to bring the discerning sportsman all-American product offerings that far exceed the quality of our competition. We will simply not be out worked, out built, or out engineered. We will do this while at the same time creating good American jobs, and giving back to both the pastimes we love, and the veterans who gave us the freedom to enjoy them.


Our Team

Bob "Wes" Weskamp
Wes is the brains of this operation. 35 years of experience in the manufacturing business designing and building automation systems for manufacturers like GM, Ford, 3M, and Motorola and one goal remained: a product. Born in the back of Wes’s Lake County Technologies shop, Ketch products is his way to tick that last box and apply his years of knowledge to a product he can call his own. His vision to build products with 100% American parts and labor and desire to give back to wildlife conservation and veterans are our guiding principles. Not without controversy though, it is said that Wes has been banned from an unnamed stretch of river in the Yampa valley for catching too many trout… seriously, that’s not a clever marketing story, it actually happened.
Eric Peterson
If Wes is the brains then Eric is the muscle of this operation. He boasts over 20 years of experience in the automation business, and has successfully grown a thriving machine shop for the last 10. His years of competition on the Pro Musky Tournament Trail were the genesis of Ketch’s first product the “No Bunk” Board. Not satisfied with highly inaccurate plastic product offerings, Peterson set out to make a product that a machinist of his caliber could be proud to use to measure his musky. Walleye and Bass models soon followed and Ketch Products was born. Eris is also one of a very few anglers who have caught a 50+” musky in Illinois waters and a frequent competitor on both the IMTT and PMTT musky trails.
Mike "Duke" Weskamp
Great products don’t test and sell themselves, and that’s where Duke comes in. As an applications engineer by trade he understands the product development process and has the enviable task of testing and refining all new Ketch products. But alas, even a great product won’t sell itself, so Duke also serves as the sales and marketing manager to bring Ketch’s unique brand of all American badassery to the public. Primarily a multispecies angler Duke immersed himself in kayak bass fishing for the 2017 season in order to better understand the needs of the CPR angler. He managed to qualify himself for the KBF national championship during his rookie campaign in the process.