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  • Pinned aluminum CNC'd construction is the industry leader in accuracy.
  • Aluminum is about 6 times less affected by thermal expansion than a similar plastic measuring device. Meaning measurements stay more consistent even when temperature and pressure changes.
  • Pinned construction ensures that the bump stop remains perfectly square to measuring surface.
  • All locating features and engraving are done in the same process ensuring that all boards are accurate to the center line of each engraving mark.
  • Our proprietary QC process ensures that every angler is measuring with the same ruler.

Fraud Prevention Features

  • Boards are engraved from first inch to the end of the board. A lot of commercially available boards do not have increments until the 8” mark. This makes modifying the board easier for tournament cheats as they routinely remove material from that area to make fish appear several inches longer.
  • CNC engraving and billet aluminum construction create a barrier to cheating because of the cost of the equipment and expertise required to produce a “counterfeit” board.
  • Asset tag scale: All asset tags on Ketch boards are exactly 2” long making photo verification and comparison simple. A verified 2” scale in the picture allows both the board increments and catch to be compared to a known dimension.
  • Patent pending QR code technology: the QR code in the asset tag also allows tournament admins the ability to scan a board at check in to make sure the board is made in accordance with Ketch Products manufacturing specifications. Additionally, the tag can be read in most clear photographs giving tournament admins the additional fraud prevention of being able to verify that the board in the picture was the one shown at the tournament check in. All boards are also individually serialized to make matching the board at check in to the board in a CPR picture easier.
  • Tamperproof asset tags: All asset tags are photo-anodized on .008” aluminum blanks. Because they are so thin they bend or break when removed. Bent and broken tags will no longer scan correctly and give yet another level of protection to tournament administrators.
  • Proprietary Coating: Ketch products proprietary coating and machining process add yet another layer of fraud protection. Boards that are modified and mended back will be easily detected because the coating process is not replicable making alterations to the board easily identifiable at both tournament check in and through photo analysis.

Aesthetics and Durability

  • Our proprietary coating process sets our boards above the rest of the pack. No stickers, No cheaply printed PVC, no bullshit. Our proprietary coating is highly durable, and unlike currently available anodized aluminum boards it won’t fade. High gloss coatings also allow the catch to be easily maneuvered and measured on our board without damaging the fish.
  • ¼” aluminum construction makes our board the most durable on the market. High contrast colors make reading measurements simple and clear, and unlike our plastic competitors our board will never need to have increment lines darkened so they can be viewed easily in photos.
  • Custom Engraving: Tournament trails, angling clubs, and other customers can add custom engraving of script or logo. Contact a pro at Ketch Products for more info.