[Blemished] Purple - Ketch Kustom Shop
[Blemished] Purple - Ketch Kustom Shop [Blemished] Purple - Ketch Kustom Shop [Blemished] Purple - Ketch Kustom Shop
A blemished board will contain one or more of the following: scratches on the powder coat, small powder coat chips, a slightly rough edge on the very end of the board, or debris that contaminated the powder coat. All blemished boards are held to the same tolerances and standards as a full-priced Ketch board. Blemishes do not affect the function of the product and all blemished boards will be legal to use in tournaments that allow our products.

A new Ketch Custom shop... Purple! Used by the Ketch Team at the KBF Team Challenge Cup. Our custom shop offerings have all the same reliability and durability of our standard line of bump boards, but they come in a special color and support a special cause. $10 of every sale will go to a charity TBD by social media voting. All custom shop boards come standard with a matching Ketch board tether by Neverlost Gear and the Ketch oval engraved on the fence end.

  • KBF and Hobie Bass Open Series approved
  • Industry leading accuracy and perpendicularity.
  • New laser engraved construction for better corrosion resistance.
  • Cheating safeguards built into every board.
  • Always 100% American parts and labor.